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Top 10 slot games chart

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games among casino enthusiasts, virtual and real. Featured in all gambling houses in the world, online casinos are also invaded by salt, sites and platforms dedicated exclusively to virtual machines. From the Cha Cha Cha Slot to Starburst Slot, we list the top 10 online slots with a small description of each virtual machine that comes in the ranking for graphics, bonuses, games, jackpots and other important features. The Slot Gallina, also known as Fowl Play Gold, is certainly one of the most popular and sought after, but the online version in Italy is only on Merkur Win Casino: subscribe now and play at the Gallina slot with the welcome bonus.

Top ten online slots: the most popular slot games in the world


The Fowl Play Gold slot machine is one of the most popular in online slots for the rich bonuses offered through golden eggs, which have made it so popular that it is renamed by Italian fans such as Gallina slot. The Fowl Play Gold slot is only found on the online casino of Merkur Win. The number of rolls is equal to 5. The maximum number of winning lines is 10. Pressing the button BET of slot Gallina, you increase the value of the points scored for each line and the number of lines. The button SPIN slot Fowl Play Gold online allows you to activate the first roll of the rollers. At the end of the first spin, you are advised to keep rollers and rollers to be discarded.


One of the most popular slot machines in the Italian and international panorama. Discover the thrill of a fascinating journey through the mysterious environments that Egypt hides in search of hidden treasures and mysteries: look for the best bonuses and try to snoop the machine with Chinese tricks. Point to the jackpots that the slot is ready to offer. The jolly is Ra’s book that acts both by Scatter and Wild. The slot machine features a 5-reel and 9 payline game. The minimum bet is 0.20 to a maximum playable of € 20 (for each line of payment), 5 is the maximum of playable tokens. The mysterious slot machine recently made for online gambling has also become quite generous with respect to land gaming versus winnings


The Sphinx slot comes with an enviable graphics and a special generosity: it has some weaknesses that help you snoop down the machine. There are three tricks to win at the Sphinx slot: the first allows you to get the medallions in series, with the second trick we can point to a maximum combination on the slot and with the third one we can even get 400 euros. With the background of ancient Egypt, the Sphinx slot has a payout ranging from 70% to 75% and has a cycle of about 30,000 euros with 4 different bet possibilities: 25, 50, 100 and 200. The Sphinx demo finds you free on the internet and is very useful to understand the most special features of the machine: from bonuses to winning the highest prizes at various levels to overcome, up to tricks to win big jackpots.


Starburst slot is present in many online casinos and is one of the most popular in the world that offers so many bonuses and free spins. The main elements of this machine are the five reels, the three rows and the starburst jolly. You can play between 1 and 10 lines with different bet values ​​and the highest combination is paid. The Starburst slot is both a bar and in the best online casino platforms. It is characterized by 5 rollers and 3 files with different payment combinations while the main symbol is the Starburst jolly. At the bar and Starburst online, you can play between 1 and 10 lines with different bet values: the highest winning combination is paid on an active bet line from the left / right roller roller and / or the right-hand roller To the left while the multi-line winnings overlap. The good thing is that you can leverage both directions from left to right and from right to left, an almost unique advantage of digital slots worldwide.


Robin Hood virtual machine is dedicated to the famous cartoon with the character stealing the rich to give the poor. It is one of the most played and consists of 5 rolls and 20 fixed betting lines, up to 10 tokens can be bet on each line. The first thing to do in this slot is to set the value of the tokens. Robin Hood is a slot made up of 5 rolls, 3 columns and 20 betting lines. Choose the bet level to start and select the value of the tokens you want to put into action: careful with the special symbols and the characters that appear on the rolls, it’s thanks to them that you get extra bonuses and winnings! Whenever the Money Bag symbol appears on the display, Robin arrives and puts a coin bag in the cases. When you get 4 bags, you are entitled to 10 Free Spins! During the Free Spins, you can come to your rescue Fra Tac, Little John, the beautiful Lady Marion and other Robin Hood friends – that’s how you enter the Extra Wild game mode.


Slot machine Treasures of Troy is a beautiful bar and online machine, which tells the heroic gestures of the protagonists of the legendary Trojan Horse in Odyssey, the work told by Homer. It consists of five reels, three payment lines and two totally different game modes: one with 40 paylines and one with 1024 to find winning combinations and slash the slot machine. The main symbol of this slot machine is Troy’s Horse, which rewards players with 20 free spins, as well as all the most classic slots in Scatter and Wild. From now on, the player can take their own strategic gaming decisions, deciding to use the normal payment lines (up to 40), or double their bet in cash using the MultiWay option, which can win up to 1024 Different ways of combinations. Wild Symbols in the Treasures of Troy Slot Machine may appear from the 2nd roll to follow.


Slot Ulysse is one of the most beautiful in the makeshift, bar and online landscape. It takes the same name from the mythology character, it is set in ancient Greece and features 15 reels on which to play the main game and the 3 great bonus games: Arco bonus game, Circe bonus game and the game Bonus signboards. The Ulisse slot machine includes 5 rollers and 15 betting lines, on which you can extract theme and alphanumeric symbols, and compose in these combinations associated with more or less important prizes. These vary according to the type of aligned symbol and the number of symbols that make up the combination with the amounts they reach, as in the case of 5 aligned symbols depicting a woman 1,000 times the bet.


The Cha Cha Cha slot is one of the most popular in the world, including a bar version, and has always involved many gambling enthusiasts with its rich jackpots and various payment lines. Among the many free online slots, Cha Cha Cha has unique features, is very much loved by players and has two different game modes: one with the minimum bet fixed at 25c and another with the minimum bet 50c. The cost per single match is 1 euro though thanks to the accumulated energy mechanism you can even get up to € 4. The maximum payout per game in the Cha Cha Cha slot is 100 €. Bets can be multiple of 0.25 € up to a maximum of € 1 per match. The display comes in traditional form with 3 horizontal and 5 vertical lines (rollers). At Cha Cha Cha Slots you can bet on 5, 10 or 25 payment lines.


The Incredible Hulk slot machine is among the most popular bar and online gaming machines by gambling enthusiasts. Dedicated to the popular cartoon character of Marvel, it features 5 rolls and 50 payment lines. With enviable graphics, with a very special animation and sound effects. The symbols to win at William Hill’s Hulk slot are: the scatter symbol, the wild symbol and the bonus symbol. There are many great animations that will accompany you in the game. Music and sound effects make gameplay never monotonous, and the endless 3D gaming tiles and cautious details make Hulk the Incredible Slot a real jewel from a visual point of view. The Hulk Rage Mode will allow you to destroy everything that will be presented before securing you all the winning prizes. It is important to remember that the activation of the Bonus in question is possible only with the presence of Smash Bonus cards on the first and fifth rolls.


The Eggomatic slot machine is a new product of the same technology company and is inspired by the very famous Fowl Play Gold, but with its special features and rich prize money. Graphics, then, is at the forefront and gives an exciting gaming experience. You can find different surprises by activating some types of eggs that give Free Spins and Bonuses. The Eggomatic Slot Machine was created by Netent. The slot offers you a maximum of 20 paylines and five rollers to challenge the blind goddess and maybe be able to bring home the biggest prizes at stake by a simple and fun game that is attracting a lot of players.